As an artist, Didem Yağcı’s artistic talent became apparent very early in her childhood when at the age of six, she began drawing perspective sketches with human figures. She won awards in school art contests and her early paintings were published in various magazines. When she was fourteen, she made abstract figurative works using fabrics, pastels and oil paints in addition to pencil drawings. Though she passed the entrance exams of the Fine Arts Faculty, Yağcı preferred to study sciences at Boğaziçi University while continuing to paint on her own. The combination of her background studies in science and the art education she went on to receive later helped her create unique artwork that show her bold attitude for experimenting and her analytical skills.
Between the years of 1998-2005, she experimented with new techniques, creating three-dimensional works by combining oil paint with papers and fabrics in which she used various acidic fluids to make holes. (a technique she developed integrating her studies in science.) Since 2006, she has focused on figures.
In an attempt to further develop her artistic identity, Yağcı studied “Contemporary Art and Design” at the London College of Fashion with the help of an EU Scholarship she won after passing the general knowledge and talent tests organized by the European Union in 2010 Her “Cage” series was shown at the London College of Fashion Graduate Group Show and she participated in various artist-in-residence programs during her stay in London. Beginning in 2012, she developed a unique technique her drawings and fabrics with felt. She utilized this technique to transfer the female figures from sketchbooks over to canvas, creating contemporary art through her conceptual and technical approach. She combined the experiences during her studies regarding art/artist – creation/process with her experiments in material, color, texture, design, dimension and digital arts which resulted in work that focuses on transformations of the female figure.
In 2014, she exhibited her first solo show in Turkey, “This Side of Paradise” with the help of Assoc. Prof. & Curator Marcus Graf. The work in this show was influenced by Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name, depicting the dramatic and psychological effects of the socio-cultural changes of the 1920s on women. Following this highly-successful show, her work was chosen to be displayed at Gallery DIFFERENT and Regent Park Metro Station, synchronously with LONDON FRIEZE Art Fair.
Didem Yağcı also attended several group shows at Gallery MERKÜR and Gallery Ilayda in 2015 & 2016.
She participated in Contemporary Istanbul 2015 with Gallery MERKÜR and her solo show “Self Connection” which dealt with the spiritual inward journey of women during the evolution of mankind, has been exhibited at Gallery Ilayda in 2016.
After participating in Contemporary Istanbul 2016 with Gama Gallery (represented by Gallery Ilayda), her work was exhibited at Art Miami Fair on the occasion of Art Basel Miami on Dec 2016.
On April 2017, she participated a group show in Paris at the Galerie Corrado Bartone located in Saint Germain.
Recently, Didem Yağcı’s artworks are exhibiting in Opera Gallery’s new concept in Miami and Singapore as well as London and Alan Istanbul Gallery in Istanbul.