Didem Yagci Statement Gorseli en son
Didem Yağcı is a contemporary artist who creates innovative artwork by transforming her artistic perspectives through a unique technique of material usage with emphasis on the relationship between visual fragmentation of the composition and intuitive aesthetic balance.

With this approach, she aims to offer an alternative way to the traditional perception of paintings. Didem Yagci’s work questions the “Experience of Emotions” which is the only existential difference that sets the Human Being apart from all the other creatures. Addressed as the metaphorical subjects, viewers are presented with a conceptual point of view, emphasizing the universal reality of our existence.

Didem Yağcı uses traditional natural felt to create a figurative form by combining with fabrics, old book pages, music notes, sewing patterns, maps, banknotes and In her compositions with a unique approach

Yagci questions the fundamental relationship of the human being (focusing on women) to their feelings according to her own individual evolution.The real meaning behind Yagci’s work can be discovered by filling in the secret spaces that are hidden between layers of fabrics, pages and colors and referring to sub-levels of emotional states of a Human Being.

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