Didem Yagci Statement Gorseli en son
As a Turkish Contemporary Artist with universal values, Didem Yağcı was deeply and constantly questioning her own reasons for existence. Her works focus on the philosophical relationship between substance and essence depicting through women, the idea that the difference of mankind from other creatures lies in the sensations they experience through their body.
She has been creating three dimensional female figures which reference the diverse emotional states of women by use of various kinds of materials such as fabrics, US Bills, old stamps, sewing patterns, used book pages and maps in her artwork in addition to felt.
Referring to the more layered and complex nature of women compared to men, and emphasizing the importance of sub-sensations which come together to create a feeling, her works were created by skillfully layering of fabrics, felt and papers with contrasting textures, motifs and colors.
Didem Yağcı, internalizes the female figure, utilizing her unique technique for the purpose of inspiring viewers to question the emotions of the metaphorical figures in her images.
She also creates 3 dimensional abstract forms on canvas and layered sculptures by using felt which may be the oldest fabric known to man discovered about 3000 BC in Anatolia.
Based upon the architecture, design & installation psychology of metropolises and urban areas, and especially the visually coded hierarchy understanding in this relational structure of the positioning of human in the society, she works on the binding and illusional relation on body, identity and fate in her abstract sculptures.
The simple diagrams combine with mathematical calculations and geometric operations to create a unified form that communicates with an abstract illusion that separates itself from the continuous pieces in abstract works transformed into a simple canvas, complex and spatial, sculptural paintings.
These abstract geometric studies, which refer to the psychology of urban touch, constitute both a virtual architectural space and a specific form of understanding. Despite the analytical clarity in dimensional works, shape and content are indistinguishable, the expression of the works deepens with the original color regulation. Yagci, uses it to create combinatonal complex shapes that leave their functions aside to save the felt from two dimensions through the use of color, texture, or technique.
With her artistic approach,, Didem Yagci aims to establish a relationship between her preferred materials in her figurative and abstract works with the current trends and norms without breaking off the connections of these materials to the past.
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